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Founded in the 1950s and acquired by the Piazza family in 1955, we initially only produced wooden slats used in motor windings.
Over the years, the company has been handed down from generation to generation and, in a constantly evolving world, always seeking to meet new customer needs, production has been developed by adding flexible electrical insulating paper and adhesive tape to our portfolio.
With the purchase of the new production site in 1995, Falpa began to collaborate with Isovolta.
After several years of collaboration, this led to the company becoming an official Isovolta distributor for low and medium voltage.
Falpa® currently specialises in processing flexible electrical insulating paper using our available slitters, lathes and systems, as well as in cutting adhesive tapes, guaranteeing the skills to satisfy almost all customer needs.
Moreover, as an Isovolta partner, we can develop new products for the most varied requirements.


isolanti elettrici Falpa


Thanks to our slitters and other available systems, Falpa® specialises in processing and transforming materials and guarantees flexibility and competence from design to production, to satisfy every customer requirement, including customised products.

In supplying its products to the electrical, electro-technical, electronics, automotive, aeronautics and rail transport industries, among others, FALPA® firmly intends to ensure competence, continuity, diligence and reliability, both in producing standard products and in developing new applications required by a constantly evolving market.

We firmly intend to become a trait d'union between customers and suppliers of raw materials. This would encourage suppliers to create increasingly high-performance materials and adapt production methods according to new technological developments of materials, through a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
Our mission is to supply high quality and reliable products.
Our Vision is our way of guaranteeing these aspects, with the aim of being a point of reference in a market which technology is in constant evolution. Our intent is to increase and consolidate relationships of trust with customers. We aim at achieving this by showing them the professionalism with which we work every day, and the relational approach to which we always pay great attention and care. For us, working for a customer also means thinking about the needs of their own clients.

Our customers recognise us as soon as they see our business card.

Falpa is official Isovolta partner for low and medium voltage insulators

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