FALPA executes manufactures both on insulating papers listed, usually at disposal in the warehouse, and on others insulating papers made on the customer's requirement.
Any type of insulating paper can be supplied like listed:

- Original whole rolls or share of its
- Cut rolls like customer’s requirement
- Rimmed rolls
- Indented rolls
- Manufactured how customer require




Insulating paper bent and shaped to be inserted into the electric motors like slot's insulation.

Fondi Cava are made up to stator's height of mm 450 for every width, both for round slots and square, or making every kind of slit.

FALPA make also insulating items already prompt to be inserted into bruschler motors and rotors.




Insulating paper bent to be inserted into the electric motors like slot’s closure or slot’s separator.

Tegolini can be produced both in round section and in trapezoidal section. Standard sizes always at disposal in the warehouse are mm 10-12-15-18-20-25 length one metre.
The packing consists of five pack of 100 metres each one. FALPA also make Tegolini already cut at the length requested by the customer for electric motors and submerged pumps.



Insulating paper cut, bent and/or with slit, with a regular section.

Sagomati are made on the drawing or instructions of customers and can have the most various shape and sizes.
To make its on need, further than a reliable fleet of equipment, versatile and efficient, a great experience and knowledge of the materials that have to be processed; these characteristics are always been the point of strength of FALPA.





Insulating paper cut, bent, punched or with slits with an irregular section.

To produce Fustellati on make an american type of socket punch following the customer’s drawing. The fleet of socket punch at FALPA disposal has now reached, after a lot of years of work, the 1000 pieces, that are constantly checked and submitted at maintenance to keep a steady quality. FALPA achieve the die when a great number of pieces need.



Based on 100% sulphate cellulose.
Paper is creped and rolled to obtain tubes.
These products are used in oil filled transformers.
Inside diameter from 3 to 60 mm, outside diameter on request, Length 1000 mm



Strip based on PSP3052 used in oil transformers.
Isostrip sizes: thickness of the sheet, width on request, standard length mm 2000.
On request it’s possible length mm 3000

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