FALPA executes manufactures, besides on insulating papers, also on the following products:

- Sized fabric
- Iron-on fabric
- Rubber
- Siliconized paper




Sized fabric and iron-on fabric are usually used to shelter electronic circuit and electrical equipments from the dust.

Sized fabric’s characteristic is the stability of the dimensions that make it suitable to be inserted into a structure or into a frame.

Iron-on fabric has the characteristic to have on one side an adhesive that heated stick itself perfectly at the surface to shelter.

With sized fabric and iron-on fabric FALPA fulfil shaped items of various forms and dimensions



FALPA punch rubber in sheets or rolls.

The use of rubber items can be the most various: car field, electronic, electric, information technology and everywhere need to fill, to shim, to englobe, etc.





FALPA deal in siliconized paper and monosiliconized or bisiliconized polyester for various fields.

Siliconized paper can be supplied in original whole rolls or cut.

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